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Front foils and foil keyboards permit the fabrication of robust flat input systems in modern and customized designs. Our experience and competence ensures high-quality products for your individual solutions. Other products in the same fields:
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Front panels give your enclosures their individual look or are required for special functions. There is a wide selection of standard front panels in 19 inch or metric system at your disposal for creating your enclosures.
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The structure of the surface gives us a first impression of the quality of a product. If this first impression is a poor one, you will hardly get a second chance! Moreover, perfect surfaces are part of the product esthetics, set the accent on the colour, set new directions, and have to stand up to the often severe conditions in practical operation (dust, humidity, chemical attacks, heat, cold, wear caused by transport and every-day use.
You will find a lot of information on:
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Industrial stainless steel keyboards for industrial use, in standard or customized versions, for outdoor use under severe conditions and vandalism-proof.
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Internet keyboards for info-terminals. With Euro, @, smiley and other keys for quick input. With touch pad and track ball. As foil keyboards or in stainless steel. Suited for severe conditions - absolutely necessary for public access.
Stainless steel keyboards, Stainless steel-keyboards, terminal keyboards, kiosk keyboards, POI-keyboards, internet keyboards, internet terminals, vandalism-proof, outdoor, touch pad, track ball, IP65, touch systems, touch screen systems, mouse pad


Apart from the fabrication of the keyboards themselves, we also develop and fabricate the electronics connections and deliver them already programmed according to the customer’s specifications.
Controllers, keyboard controller, keyboard-controller, matrix controller, matrix-controller, matrix keyboard controller, matrix-keyboard controllers, keyboard decoder, keyboard-decoder, MF2-controller, men-machine-interface, MMI-interfaces, RS232, PS2, freely programmable


A special selection of enclosures which are ideal for the sealing of electronic components:
sealed enclosures, sealing enclosures

Are you looking for additional products and services all around your enclosures?

In co-operation with other companies, we have put together www.Gehaeuse.info where you will find virtually everything on enclosures:

  • Input systems, foil keyboards, front panels, stainless steel keyboards ...
  • Processing, printing, silk screen printing ...
  • Electronics (components, boards, development)...
  • Power units, power supplies, circuit-breakers, safety switches...
  • Transformers, chokes, inductive resistors...
  • Ventilators, nameplates, device transport boxes...
  • Cabling, mounting, job sealing...

www.industrial-enclosures.com    www.industriegehaeuse.de

Enclosures made of Aluminum or plastic, a great variety of standard enclosures as well as customized solutions can be found here. Other subjects dealt with on this subdomain:
Enclosures, enclosure systems, industrial enclosures, aluminum / aluminium enclosures, diecast enclosures, profile enclosures , electronic cabinets, electronic boxes, plastic enclosures, desk top enclosures, hand-held enclosures, operating element enclosures, control device enclosures, distance control enclosures, remote control enclosures, conduit boxes, terminal boxes, terminal box, conduit box, terminal enclosures, compact enclosures, connector shells, indicator enclosures, flat enclosures, chill casting enclosures, small enclosures, module enclosures, enclosures with foil keyboards, Prioline, Prio-Line, manufacturers, enclosure processing, CNC-milling, industrial PC enclosures, IPC enclosures, standard enclosures, customized enclosures, table enclosures, wall enclosures, top hat rail enclosures, mounting rail enclosures, standard rail enclosures, governor housings, governor casings, sealing enclosures, control device enclosures, operating systems, built-in enclosures, DIN-enclosures, switch boxes, ”19-enclosures, ”19 enclosures, 19 inch rack mounting system, IP65, rubber foot, rubber feet, high-strength cable gland, industrial enclosures, electronic boxes, hand-held enclosures, hand-operated enclosures, conduit box, top hat rail enclosures, mounting rail enclosures, table enclosures, wall enclosures, standard rail enclosures, desk top enclosures, small hand-held plastic box for electronic

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